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From food and beverage to full-service hotels, we’ve built ownable identities for a range of lifestyle-focused brands.

Portrait of Emilee Dover Lewis.

Emilee Dover Lewis

co-founder / branding

Emilee is a brand creative with a deep background in building brand strategies, visual identities, creative campaigns and digital experiences. Her design process successfully guides user flow through the entire life of a brand’s experience, brought to life with nuanced visual design systems. Emilee’s power is seeing where a design strategy can go down the road.

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Ashley Ewing Parrott

co-founder / hospitality

Ashley is an experienced, award-winning thought leader, speaker and consultant with proven success in the hospitality industry. There is nothing she enjoys more than balancing the scales of complex projects. She believes the only thing better than a jaw-dropping arrival experience is growing a team that takes pride in the collaboration, the brand and the craft.

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